RA-29<br>B-52 Locking Trailer Jack<br>  <br> <br>

B-52 Locking Trailer Jack

Item# RA-29

Product Description

B-52 Locking Trailer Jack by Rack'em Mfg • Deter theft of almost any trailer that accepts a 3500 or 5000 pound triangle 3 bolt mounted tongue jack.

• Simple key operation leaves the trailer jack inoperable.

• If the thief can’t lower the trailer onto his truck he can’t steal it.

• Use the RA-29 B-52 locking trailer jack together with the RA-25 Magnum wheel lock for extra security.


Lockable 5000 lb. capacity

Stainless Steel Assembly

Top Wind

From Triangle Mount to bottom:

Fully retracted - 8-1/2"

Fully extended - 24"

Lift Height – 15”

Bracket Height – 7”

Distance of wind handle from center to end of handle - 6-1/2"

Plastic lock cover to keep dirt and water out of lock

Comes with 2 keys

Weight: 15 pounds

UPC 818638000220

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