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Tapered Bolt-on Stake Pockets

Tapered Bolt-on <br>Stake Pockets<br>RA-BSP-4
Tapered Bolt-on Stake Pocket for Trailers & Trucks 10 Gauge by Rack'em Mfg

Tapered Bolt-on Stake Pockets

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4 pack of tapered bolt-on stake pockets for trailers & trucks that supports side walls.
Bolt-on Stake Pockets are slightly tapered for the uprights to wedge into the pockets, making for a tight fit.
Made From Heavy duty 10 Gauge Steel (Solid 1/8" thick, the lower the gauge number the thicker the steel)
Pocket measures 2- 1/2" tall, 6- 9/16 wide 1-1/2" deep, and 3" wide at the top.
4 square holes 3/8", square holes for use with carriage bolts to attach it to the side of the truck or trailer.
The holes are spaced 1-1/2" apart, center to center up to down.
The holes are spaced 5-5/8" apart, center to center side to side.
The pockets also come with a 5/16 hole centered in the face of the pocket to secure upright in pocket.
Can be painted.

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Tapered Bolt-on
Stake Pockets
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