RA-14<br>Basket Kit

Basket Kit

Item# RA-14

Product Description

Basket Kit

  • The RA-14 basket kit bolts to the side rails of an open trailer and can hold a large variety of equipment, tools, supplies, and more
  • Bolts directly to a 6-1/2' wide trailer and comes with a 6" angle iron kit that will allow it to fit trailers from 72" to 84" wide
  • Usable Basket Space: 6.5 Feet Length x 2 Feet Width x 17 Inch Height
  • Assembly hardware IS included. Mounting hardware IS NOT included
  • Additional lift kit is available, with a 2" height kit to raise the basket, so the front end of mowers can be parked underneath it
  • Pre-drilled to accept a lockable lid kit (RA-14L). All hardware is included with the RA-14L to mount it to the RA-14
  • Some states may require a lid on your basket when used for transporting gas cans, check with your local ordinances
  • Great for Hardscaping

Weight: 114 pounds

Product details:

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