Rack & Bracket Specs

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Rack Specs

RA-1L 5 Gallon Gas Can Rack
RA-1S 2.5 Gallon Gas Can Rack
RA-2 OPEN Trim Line Rack (3/5 lb. spool) 
RA-3 Hedge Trimmer Rack
RA-4 Back Pack Blower Rack
RA-5 Trimmer Rack
RA-6 OPEN Trimmer Rack
RA-7 6-Hook Multi-Tool Rack
RA-8 Single Hook Rack
RA-9 Trim Line Rack (3/5 lb. spool)
RA-10-AB Lubrication Rack & Bin
RA-10B Lubrication Rack, Bin Only
RA-10C Lubrication Bin - Large Capacity
RA-11 2-Hook Multi-Tool Rack
RA-13 Shelf Kit
RA-14 OPEN Basket Kit
RA-14-L Lid Kit (use with RA-14)
RA-15 Shovel Rack
RA-16 Spare Tire Carrier
RA-16-H Spare Tire Hook only (use with RA-16)
RA-17 Wheel Chock
RA-17B Wheel Chock Base
RA-18 Beverage Cooler Rack
RA-19 Open Back Pack Rack
RA-20 Trailer Dolly
RA-21 Barrel Dolly - Fits 60 gal. barrel
RA-22 Motorcycle Helmet Rack
RA-23 Shovel Holder Kit (used on RA-6)
RA-24 Side Wall Adjustable Shelf
RA-25 & 25K Lock'em Magnum Wheel Lock
RA-26 Road Cone Holder (use with RA-16)
RA-27C Double Barrel Chain Driven Trailer Gate Assist
RA-28 Fitz-All Adjustable Ladder Rack
RA-28B Ladder Racks Bracket Kit
RA-28S Ladder Stops
RA-29 B-52 Locking Trailer Jack

Bracket Specs

RAD Rear Adjustable Deflector
RB-BC Bobcat Model
RB-BG Billy Goat Model FM 3301 (To be used with Catcher - #RC-S-3.)
RB-CC Country Clipper (To be used with Catcher - #RC-B-4.)
RB-DP Rear Deflector Plate
RB-EX Bobcat & Bunton Encore Kees Toro Exmark & more. 1999 & prior
RB-FPEX Filler Plate for EX/EXS Catchers (To be used with Catcher - #RC-EX-4 & 3.)
RB-G Bracket for RC-GB Catcher (To be used with Catcher - #RC-GB 4 & 3.)
RB-JD For John Deere Stand-on 48" 52" & 61"(To be used with Catcher - #RC-EX-4 & 3. & RC-EXS-4)
RB-O Scag (Standard deck)
RB-OS Scag (Advantage Deck)
RB-RH Red Hawk (To be used with Catcher - PK-EX4 & PK-EXS4)
RB-TORO Toro 2001 & after (To be used with Catcher - #RC-EX-4 & 3.)
RB-TT Trailmark Turf Tracer 48" & 52" (To be used with Catcher - #RC-GB-4.)
RB-UN Great Dane 2004 & after 48" & 52"(To be used with Catcher - #RC-EX-4 & 3.)
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