Grass Catchers, Brackets, & Extensions

Before buying a grass catcher call 570 226-6093 to confirm the catcher fit. Manufacturers can change a deck configuration a few times a year and this can cause the catcher fit to change. You will be responsible for the return shipping costs if you did not call to confirm the correct catcher fit.

IMPORTANT: The mower's discharge opening MUST stick out further then the rear wheel of the mower. If the discharge opening does NOT stick out further then the rear wheel*, our RC catchers will NOT fit, they will rub against the rear wheel.
*If the rear wheel sticks out further than the discharge opening, please see our New RB-MM Bracket, or you may only need the slight kick-out of the RCMMS series catchers to help solve this issue! View the videos for more information.

For technical assistance call 570 226-6093

Our APPLICATION CHART can help you to determine which catcher you will need for your mower and if an additional bracket is needed, but we suggest that you still call us at 570 226-6093 to confirm the catcher fit. If an additional bracket(s)for your mower is listed, please order it. You will need the additional bracket(s) to make the catcher fit your mower.

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