<b>RA-6 + RA-23</b><br>3- Place<br>Trimmer and Shovel Rack<br>Seconds<br><br>

RA-6 + RA-23
3- Place
Trimmer and Shovel Rack

Item# RA-6RA-23

Product Description

All of our "Seconds" products are FULLY FUNCTIONAL, they are only seconds because of minor cosmetic damage, things like scratched paint or re-taped, beat-up boxes

  • Open-box (seconds) RA-6 and RA-23 Open Trailer Racks
  • The RA-6 rack will securely transport 3 trimmers on an open trailer.
  • Accepts larger diameter tools such as power pruners.
  • Fully lockable, all 3 trimmers can be secured with 1 or 2 locks to deter theft.
  • Rotational locking mechanism has built-in flaps that contact the trimmer tubes to prevent unwanted rotation.
  • Rubber flapper can be shaped to custom fit your trimmer.
  • The RA-23 two level Shovel Holder Kit is shown bolted to one RA-6 Trimmer Rack tower
  • Holds  long handled tools on an open trailer.
  • Shovel Holder Kit attaches to an RA-6 for use on open trailers.
  • Can be bolted to a Box Truck with plywood walls, a truck rack body or trailer cage.
  • Use with straight handled tools only.

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