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E-Z Ride Mower Sulky

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Product Description

All of our "Seconds" products are FULLY FUNCTIONAL, they are only seconds because of minor cosmetic damage, things like scratched paint or re-taped, beat-up boxes

E-Z Ride Mower Sulky

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-The Professional E-Z Ride Mower Sulky is designed to increase productivity while decreasing operator fatigue. 

-E-Z Ride will fit most major brands of mowers including:   Bobcat, Bunton, Encore, Exmark, Ferris, Great Dane, Lesco, Scag and most other popular brands.

  • Safety Pins
    • When standing on the platform 2 safety pins deploy from the main frame to restrict unnecessary rotation and prevent possible injury while on slopes or going in reverse. E-Z Ride can NOT jackknife. It keeps the operator behind the controls.

  • Mud Flap Guard
    • A flexible mud flap guard keeps debris off the operator and keeps feet away from the wheel

  • Grease Doors
    • The wheel grease fitting is accessible through a sliding door. Shoe laces won't get caught in the wheel and grease won't get on your pants.

  • Built-In Reverse Lock
    • Keeps unit rigid in reverse with the operator still on it.


  • Storage Chain
    • The unit comes with a storage chain that allows you to tuck the unit up and out of the way by hooking it to the mower handle without disconnecting it from the hitch.

  • Easy Installation
    • The hitch mounting hardware and adjustable mounting plate are included for easy installation.

NOTE: For proper maintenance check and grease your sulky at least once a week.

Weight: 41 pounds 

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