<b>RLES-2.5<br>Stainless Steel/Aluminum<br>Grass Catcher Extension

Stainless Steel/Aluminum
Grass Catcher Extension

Item# RLES-2-5

Product Description

Stainless Steel/Aluminum Grass Catcher Extension

See Instructional Video below

  • Listing is for the Extension only. Latch Door, Swing Door, and Catcher Body are not included.
  • This extension will fit all large capacity 4.4 cubic foot Rack'em catchers: steel or stainless steel/aluminum.
  • Extension will fit catcher door opening measuring: 

                          Top - 18 3/4", Left Side - 21", Bottom - 18 1/4", Right Side - 19"

  • Additional fold down handle makes on and off dumping easy.
  • Built-in ears to receive a Swing Door
  • Correct mounting angle for a more level profile.
  • Stainless steel frame is fully welded and aluminum skin panels are riveted to the frame for a better fit and cleaner look.
  • Aluminum and stainless steel will not rust or corrode, even from fertilizer.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Includes the Finger Ring Latch.

Weight: 11 pounds

Product Demo:

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