RB-MM Bracket <br>Deck Extension Bracket<br> <br><br>

RB-MM Bracket
Deck Extension Bracket

Item# RB-MM

Product Description

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  • If the mower deck does not stick out further than the rear wheel, RB-MM Bracket corrects this and allows a catcher to be used.
  • RB-MM Bracket provides extra clearance so the catcher will not rub against the rear tire. 
  • RB-MM Bracket can be used on flat surface decks or decks with a welded in lip.
  • RB-MM Bracket's opening is adjustable with 3 adjustment points.
  • Smallest width: 8 1/4 in  Medium width: 10 in Largest width: 11 3/4 in
  • Pre-drilled making it easy to install. 
  • Designed to be used with the RCB-4 Catcher. 
  • Will also work with our most popular RCEX-4 Catcher with the addition purchase of the RB-RH bracket.

Weight: 6 pounds

View video for more information:

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