<b>RA-27C<br>Double Barrel <br>"Chain Driven"<br> Trailer Gate Assist <br> </b>

Double Barrel
"Chain Driven"
Trailer Gate Assist

Item# RA-27C

Product Description

Double Barrel "Chain Driven" Trailer Gate Assist

See Installation and Trouble Shooting Videos below

  • Unique 2-spring design gives extra power when needed automatically
  • Provides a smooth jerk free movement all the way down and all the way up
  • Shortest unit on the market taking up the least amount of rail space, which leaves room for other needed racks
  • Unit measures 54" long and 5" high
  • Lowest price tailgate assist in it's class
  • Fits on top rails of trailers that are 10" to 15" high from the trailer floor
  • Heavy duty chrome sprocket chain has a LIFETIME warranty – an industry exclusive

Weight:  29 pounds 

Patent # 7029050

Trademark Reg # 5757341

Installation and Troubleshooting Videos:

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