RA-19<br>Backpack Blower Rack

Backpack Blower Rack

Item# RA-19

Product Description

Backpack Blower Rack

  • The RA-19 will securely transport a backpack blower on an open trailer
  • Some brands of blowers may require an adapter, see adapters below
  • This rack has a built in locking mechanism to deter theft, which uses a standard padlock (not included)
  • Stihl Model BR-800 will NOT fit on RA-19. You will need to order the RA-39 in order to fit your blower
  • May require an additional bracket, please see below

The following back pack blowers do NOT require an additional bracket:
  • ECHO - PB-265L, PB-265LN, PB-500T, PB-755ST, PB-760LN, PB-770H, PB-770T
  • EFCO - SA-2062
  • DOLMAR - PB-7601-4
  • HUSQVARNA - 130-BTS, 350-BTS, 560-BTS, 570-BTS
  • MARUYAMA - BL55, BL85
  • RED MAX - EBZ-5150, EBZ-6500, EBZ-7500, EBZ-8500
  • SHINDAWA - EB-802, EB-854

Weight: 13 pounds

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