RA-31<br>Hardscaping <br>Hand Tool Rack<br>  <br>

Hand Tool Rack

Item# RA-31

Product Description

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  • The RA-31 is designed to hold and organize Hardscaping tools
  • Various mounting options with 6 predrilled holes
  • Includes hanging top hooks for installation in an enclosed trailer
  • Swing away gate provides extra strength to keep tools locked in.
  • 3 “U” shaped cut outs
  • Additional circular cut outs for:  hand chisels, hand tracers, hand hammers, pry bars, brick chisels and more.
  • Mount with lag bolts* in the garage - or nuts & bolts* to the expanded metal tall sides on some open trailers
  • Mounting hardware is not included
  • Tools are not included 

Weight: 15 pounds 

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