RA-24<br>Side Wall Shelf Kit<br>  <br>

Side Wall Shelf Kit

Item# RA-24

Product Description

Side Wall Shelf Kit for Enclosed Trailers by Rack'em Mfg This shelf kit comes with all the necessary parts to make 2 shelves to put on 1 side wall of your enclosed trailer. (lumber not included)

Using 1x 12 by whatever length you want shelving lumber, you can make 2 strong side wall shelves.

The length of the RA-24 shelf kit is adjustable, go across as much or as little of the side wall as you want.

The space between the shelves is adjustable with the offset bracket slots, 6 brackets are included to make 2 shelves.

Additional brackets (RA-24B) are available to make a third shelf.

Great for Hardscaping.

Weight: 33 pounds

UPC 818638001241

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