<b>RCMMS4-RMGBS1<br> Multi-Mount Stainless Steel/Aluminum Catcher

Multi-Mount Stainless Steel/Aluminum Catcher


Product Description

See Catcher Fits, Installation and Instructional Videos Below 

  • Stainless Steel/Aluminum Hybrid Grass Catcher is designed to be lightweight yet strong, durable and versatile to provide years of trouble free service
  • Our Hybrid Grass Catcher is designed to accept a mower specific face plate, so if you ever sell your mower all you would need to do is buy a new face plate for the catcher that will fit your new machine. 4.4 cubic foot capacity
  • Multi-Mount Stainless Steel/Aluminum Catchers have an extended face plate mount which extends out from the catcher surface 7/8 ths of an inch.  In the past, if you had a deck that did not stick out farther than the rear wheel, catchers would not work because they would rub the rear wheel. The extended face plate mount on the RC-MMS-4 will clear the rear wheel.  The extension is 7/8” so it will work on most decks where this was a problem, but not all.  Check the measurements on your specific mower
  • Hinged Swing Door
  • Comes with 1 designated face plate
Weight: 29 pounds

If you cannot find the correct fit for your machine, text a photo of your mower's discharge opening (with chute up and tape measure for reference) to 570-994-8298 to confirm the catcher fit, since manufacturers can change a deck configuration a couple of times a year. This can cause the catcher fit to change. A reply will be sent by text.

**You will be responsible for the return shipping costs if you did not call to confirm the correct catcher fit**

NOTE: Please see our Multi-Mount Catcher Application Chart to determine which Multi-Mount Catcher you will need for your mower.

This catcher fits:
Bobcat - 2000 & prior
Bunton - 2000 & prior
Bush Hog - ES2052

The mower's discharge opening MUST stick out farther then the rear wheel of the mower.
If the discharge does NOT stick out farther then the rear wheel our catcher will NOT fit.

Product Details:

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